About Pit Dog Trading, Contractor & Civil Works

Pit Dog Trading, Contractor & Civil Works

Pit Dog Trading Contractor & Civil Works vision to be a source and contributor to the general building, project management, general trading and civil construction work industry.

We are dedicated inspire and motive integrity, pride in our company. Pit Dog Trading Contractor & Civil Works commit 100% to our staff and in services of our clients in respect and well-organised manner.

Pit Dog Trading Contractor & Civil Works aim to maintain high level of quality service and production in a safe working environment.

Our company are inspired to create more job opportunities across all race, gender or creed.

We believe taking responsibility for the fate of South African with honour, affability and quality assurance, working towards a great future and destiny for the us and generations to follow.

The mission of Pit Dog Trading Contractor & Civil Works is to rise above the ordinary by offering the best quality of general building, construction project management, general trading and civil works services.

Pit Dog Trading Contractor & Civil Works guarantees that clients will be served with the highest professional standard at a cost effective rate.

We aim and take part in improving South African communities’ infrastructure.

Values of Pit Dog Trading Contractor & Civil Works


We adapt to meet the requirements of every project. By moving quickly and tailoring our service to fit challenging time-frames and adverse conditions, we deliver results on time and under budget.


We care about the long-lasting results of our work. Using only quality materials, modern equipment and best-practice techniques, we avoid shortcuts and approach each project with absolute thoroughness and attention to detail.


We’re not just there to do a job. We take pride in our work and care about its big-picture impact on communities and the environment. By acting with integrity and responsibility, we aim to leave a positive legacy for future generations.


We proactively engage local communities, seeking feedback and addressing concerns using a variety of channels including social media, email, phone contact, face-to-face consultations and direct mail.


We strive to diversify our workforce and provide opportunities for individuals across a range of cultural backgrounds. By offering skills training in areas such as Rural First Aid, Traffic Control and Operation Ticketing, we aim to create local employment opportunities for Aboriginal people, enhance their business skills, and improve the social and economic conditions of Indigenous communities.

Quality, Safety and the Environment

Pit Dog Trading Contractor & Civil Works general building, project management, general trading and civil works services to both public and private sector enterprises.

We make the following commitments:

  • We provide our services in a methodical way, and set ourselves measurable objectives and targets. This is the basis for continually improving our performance in satisfying customers and protecting our employees and the environment.
  • We comply with all relevant environmental and occupational health and safety regulations and with any other requirements to which we have agreed with our customers or voluntarily imposed on ourselves.
  • We make every effort to ensure that no person is injured by our operations.
  • In providing our services we, as far as practicable, endeavour to prevent pollution of our environment, reuse, recycle or recover the maximum amount of resources that we use to provide our services.
  • We ensure that we understand our customers’ needs and only make commitments we believe we can meet.

We aim to prevent problems, rather than correct them after they occur.


We believing in treating every client as important and to work closely with people and communities. We value constructive consultation as a two-way process, with all parties learning together and from each other.

We’re always happy to collaborate with all stakeholders in projects, to establish strong ties and ensure successful results.

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